Blizzard of Love cover reveal!

Jasmine the writing kittyOkay, okay, I know we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet, but I’ve been enjoying the heck out of writing my new Long Valley story: Blizzard of Love. (My husband only snorted a little with laughter when he heard the title. My loyal cat, on the other hand, was kind enough to, well, keep sleeping when she heard it. You can’t win ’em all).

ANYway, it is a story about the love and power of Christmas in the lives of two people, Bonnie and Luke, of which only one actually loves Christmas. Luke…well, he has a good reason for most definitely not loving it, but y’all will just have to read it and find out why. 😉

Without further ado, here’s the cover, as promised:

Blizzard of Love - A Western Romance Novel (Book 2)

Let the drooling commence!

~ Erin

PS See that home in the background, covered in snow? That’s Stetson and Jennifer’s home. That’s right – this whole novella takes place at their house. I know y’all couldn’t wait to read about Carmelita again! 🙂

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