Wednesday’s Recommendations – 11/23/16

Erin Wright Western Romance authorFor my US readers, you know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. For scheduling reasons, we celebrated Thanksgiving with our family today, which is why my picture of the week is Jasmine taking a nap on the couch with my husband. Tryptophan strikes again! 😀

Quick update on my writing: I have finished my Christmas novella, Blizzard of Love, so keep an eye out for that to hit your inbox soon! I'm so excited for this story; I hope you love it as much as I do.

Anyway, you may remember that last week, one of the authors that I highlighted in this newsletter is someone with whom I'll be in a Christmas multi-author bundle. This week, I'm highlighting the other author that will be in that bundle with me - Christine Kingsley. Christine is a terrific author, and a terrific friend.

The other author, J.B. Duvane, is another friend I've gotten to know over the past year. Although her book is a little darker than what I tend to recommend, for those of you who like a little dark in your reading, you'll love this book. J.B. is a very talented author.


Return to Love by Christine Kingsley

Christine Kingsley Western Romance authorThe cowboy's back in town...

Cassie Powell is perfectly happy with her small town life in Willow Valley. She has a successful bakery and a beautiful little girl--everything she's ever wanted. But when Jack Martin swaggers back into town, secrets she's worked too hard to keep threaten to bring it all tumbling down around her.

Jack has always thought of Cassie as a little sister--until he sees her all grown up! But she's hiding something, and he's determined to find out what. Can he break down her walls and find a way into her heart?

On sale for $0.99!

His to Take by J.B. Duvane & Stella Noir

dark romance authorBrooklyn ...

Adrian was my first love.

The boy I'd always compared all the others to.

But now he's a man and he's holding me captive.

I'd heard the stories for years but I didn't believe them.

My Adrian couldn't have done the things they say he did to all the other girls.

But now that I'm with him I see that it's true.

I know he's a monster ... and I'm terrified of him.

But I'm also terrified of the feelings I still have for him ... and what those feelings mean about me.

Adrian ...

Brooklyn was the only one who ever saw my true self.

But that was seven years ago ... and it might as well have been a dream.

I had to leave her behind. It was the only way I could protect her from the truth about my family and our business.

But now a debt must be paid and she's been brought here.

And my father has ordered me to break her ... to ruin her.

If I follow his orders it will destroy me.

But if I don't ... my father will.


"His to Take" is the first part in a three-part series. It is not a standalone story. You must read all three parts of the series to reach the conclusion of Adrian and Brooklyn's journey, as well as the HEA ending. The series contains dark sexual themes and scenes that some may find disturbing. It is intended for mature readers.

On sale for $0.99!

Wednesday’s Recommendations – 11/16/16

Jasmine the writing buddy for Erin WrightSo, my cat woke me up this morning by crawling up on top of me and making herself comfortable on my ribcage. "Wake up! Wake up! It's time to get up and write the Wednesday Recs email!"

Or, possibly, "Time to feed me!" Really, it's hard to know for sure.

Anyway, this week is especially fun for me because one of the authors below (Iris Morland) has become a good friend of mine. In fact, remember Blizzard of Love that is coming out soon? It's also going to be available in a bundle with my writing besties - Iris Morland and Christine Kingsley. Three small-town Christmas romance novellas with all the love and "awwww..." moments you can handle.

But enough of that for now - I'll be sending updates on that soon. In the meanwhile, here's my two Wednesday recommendations!

The Torey Hope series

western romance author

The Torey Hope series is contemporary romance stories set in a small town and playing out over eight books.

Each book is a standalone and can be read out of order, but most readers suggest reading from the beginning.

Torey Hope starts at free and 99¢ respectively with For Nicky and Because of Beckett.

Torey Hope: The Later Years also starts for free and 99¢ for Decker and Sawyer.

Here's a cheat sheet to keep the series order straight:

  • For Nicky
  • Because of Beckett
  • Christmas in Torey Hope
  • Loving Josie
  • Decker
  • Sawyer
  • Zach
  • Kendrick

Find these books on the following platforms...

The Heron's Landing series

Small town romance author

The sexiest of seductions…
When Joy McGuire arrives in the sleepy Missouri town of Heron’s Landing, she thinks she’s left her past behind in Chicago. As a journalist, Joy just wants to write—and to forget. When she meets local vineyard owner Adam Danvers, though, she discovers not only her next story, but a man who makes her heart pound faster. One problem? Adam hates journalists. But when he kisses her, she forgets that she’s supposed to hate him. Instead, she soon realizes she’s given him her heart.

Can transform into the sweetest of loves…
After losing his wife in a tragic accident three years ago, Adam Danvers has focused solely on his family’s vineyard, River’s Bend. But when Joy bursts into his life, he can’t stop wanting her; everything about her makes his blood sing. Their battle of wills soon turns into a storm of desire, but just as things heat up, trouble shows up to wreak chaos in Heron’s Landing. Now Adam must confront his demons—or lose the woman he loves.


This is Book 1 in the Heron's Landing series. And just in time, because Book 3 is coming out tomorrow! Be sure to check the whole series out and fall in love with this Missouri town...

Find it today on Amazon:

Blizzard of Love cover reveal!

Jasmine the writing kittyOkay, okay, I know we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet, but I’ve been enjoying the heck out of writing my new Long Valley story: Blizzard of Love. (My husband only snorted a little with laughter when he heard the title. My loyal cat, on the other hand, was kind enough to, well, keep sleeping when she heard it. You can’t win ’em all).

ANYway, it is a story about the love and power of Christmas in the lives of two people, Bonnie and Luke, of which only one actually loves Christmas. Luke…well, he has a good reason for most definitely not loving it, but y’all will just have to read it and find out why. 😉

Without further ado, here’s the cover, as promised:

Blizzard of Love - A Western Romance Novel (Book 2)

Let the drooling commence!

~ Erin

PS See that home in the background, covered in snow? That’s Stetson and Jennifer’s home. That’s right – this whole novella takes place at their house. I know y’all couldn’t wait to read about Carmelita again! 🙂

Wednesday’s Recommendations – 11/9/16

Looking for recommendations for books while you’re waiting for the upcoming Christmas novella in the Long Valley series? Then be sure to check out…

Small town romance novel

Moving back home wasn’t anything I ever wanted.
But after enduring the worst,
Going home was the only answer.
Being back is everything I thought it would be…
Awful, isolating, a constant reminder of what I lost.
And the last thing I need–or want–is another reminder of my past,
Especially Bryant Wood.

That’s all I feel–all I can see when I look at Savannah Turner.
I want to hold her, feel her, love her,
And thank her for what’s she given me.
But I can’t show her the gratitude.
The relief.
The gift she’s given me.
I won’t.
It’ll ruin everything.
A secret I must keep–a secret that could break her.
Shatter her.
Destroy her.
All over again.

On sale for a limited time for only $0.99! Find it today on Amazon!

Christmas novella bundle western romance novels

Two sweet Christmas romances that will be sure to warm your heart.

Saving Peters Tree Farm – After the death of her father, Charlotte Peters makes the big decision to move back to Archer Lodge, North Carolina to help her mom and the family’s failing Christmas tree farm. After a quick stop into the local hardware store, Charlotte is confronted with a part of her past she’d nearly forgotten about. Or had she? Can Charlotte stay focused on why she came to Archer Lodge and let the past be the past, or will her heart be broken once again?

Say It Ain’t Snow – Melissa Curry is desperately trying to save her family’s ski resort. The drought has done everything it can to dry up their business. When she discovers the town council is planning a detour through the city that will likely chase the rest of the tourists away, Melissa jumps into action to save the day and the town.

On sale for a limited time for only $0.99! Find it today on Amazon!