Soaking up the last of summer – 9/27/17

Jasmine the Writing Cat soaking up the sunshine

As Jasmine and I were working to wrap up our next novel, Returning for Love, she decided to take a well-deserved nap in the sun. I don’t know about your part of the world, but here, it’s getting colder by the day, and the sun is sinking lower in the sky. 

That’s okay, though – that just means that it’s time to snuggle up to a good book (*ahem* pick me, pick me!) and enjoy the great outdoors, without stepping foot outside. ?

Speaking of going outside…Handsome Hubby and I had to cancel our plans to go to Long Valley this fall. We were supposed to go to Glacier, then we changed it to Long Valley, and now…we’re staying here. ?

This all has to do with Big Life Changes that are coming up, but alas, I am not going to tell you yet what those changes are. Don’t worry – they will only positively impact my writing speed, and even my ability to interact with y’all. So these are GOOD changes, even if I can’t reveal them right now. I would, but then I’d have to kill you, and that just wouldn’t be any fun, right? Right.

In the meanwhile, I decided to do another survey. It’s been a while since I’ve done one, and I thought it’d be awesome to do another one. I’m interested in the reading habits of you, but I don’t know what they are unless you tell me! 

Same as last time – this is a simple survey, and if you want to whiz right through it, you can be done in five minutes or less. There are places to leave comments on each question, however, so if you have more you want to tell me, you’re absolutely welcome to!

At the end of the survey, there is a place to put your name, email address, and country (that one is just because I’m interested – it has nothing to do with the gift card itself. ?) The last question is COMPLETELY optional, but if you do fill it out, then you’ll have a chance to win a $5 giftcard to the eBookstore of your choice: B&N, iTunes, Amazon, Kobo, or GooglePlay.

I will draw one winner a week for the next month, so even if I don’t draw your name next week, keep checking back! I will be announcing the winners in my newsletter. ?

Before I let you go for the week, I just wanted to send along a recommendation for a new swexy Western Romance author that I think y’all will just love: Joanna Bell. Joanna is a great author and human being, and I think she’s really going to go places. Right now, she’s only available on Amazon, but if she ever publishes on other storefronts, I’ll be sure to let you know.

For now, I hope you’ll enjoy her debut novel, How to Catch a Cowboy:

How to Catch a Cowboy by Joanna Bell

contemporary western romance novel

A Rugged Cowboy with a Promise to Keep

Jack McMurtry
Seven generations. That’s how long the McMurtry’s have worked Sweetgrass Ranch. My days start before dawn and end long after dusk. I care for the land, the cattle and the horses.

The last thing I need is a woman around. Sure, I’d like one to warm my bed, but with everything that needs doing, I’d want her gone by daybreak.

What don’t I need? A city-girl prissing around my family’s homestead. Especially a woman that works for the government and says I owe Uncle Sam a fortune. Nope. I don’t need her around even if she is as pretty and curvy and sassy as the day is long.

Trouble is, I can’t get Blaze out of my mind. And if that’s not bad enough, I’m sure she’s hiding something from me.

A secret that I’ll do whatever it takes to uncover.

A City Girl Far from Home

Blaze Wilson
I’m on my first assignment, determined to wow my supervisors at the IRS. My career is on the line. All I need to do is pull off this one, single case in the middle of Nowhere, Montana. How hard can it be? What I didn’t count on was going toe-to-toe with a tall, rugged and sexy cowboy. None other than the owner of the ranch.

Guess what? He’s not cooperating. At all.

What is he doing? All the wrong things. Undressing me with his bedroom eyes and then coming across all knight-in-shining-armor when I get caught in a violent thunderstorm.

I need to be careful. As perfect as he seems, Jack McMurtry could wreck my career. And as if that’s not bad enough, I stumble across a long-buried McMurtry Family secret.

A secret that could cost me everything…

How To Catch A Cowboy is a full-length (107k) standalone novel with a guaranteed HEA, no cliffhangers and no cheating. It is intended for readers over 18.

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