Windy Wednesday, Gift Card Giveaways, and Other Wonderful Things – 11/01/17

Jasmine the Writing Cat staring intently at me

Whenever Jasmine the Writing Cat does this stare thing straight at me, I always imagine her saying, “You will love meeeeee…” in a hypnotic voice, while swishing her tail slowly.

I’m pretty sure I was hypnotized a long time ago.

ANYway, I don’t know about you guys, but damn, it’s become windy here! It’s always this way in the fall – Idaho decides in the spring and fall that tear-the-shingles-off-your-house winds are just the way to celebrate a new season arriving. I’m not sure if I agree with this viewpoint, but I’ve tried holding up my hand to stave off the wind, and thus far, have had no luck. I’ll keep you guys posted on that front.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been hard at work on several different projects, and I can even tell you guys about a couple of them today! How is that for thrilling?

First, let’s discuss the featured bundle for the week – Laughing P Collection by Kari Holloway. It’s three novels plus some short stories, all on sale for only $4.99, which is a hell of a good deal. Check out the deets:

Southern Charm & Small-Town Secrets

Laughing P by Kari HollowayCracked But Never Broken
Coming home should have been easy for Marine Damien Payne, but between rustlers, a stalker, and his personal demons, love is hard pressed to find a footing on the Laughing P ranch.

Behind the Lens
Lexi’s found freedom from a loveless relationship. Trapped in a hunting cabin with her first love, can she find the courage to follow her heart or will she sacrifice her happiness?

Never too Late
Darien Payne has regretted the moment he screwed up for over a decade. Forged under sweat and sawdust, he sets a plan in motion for his happily-ever-after. Burdened with the brevity of life, he must step up on the Laughing P to keep his family together in their darkest moments for the glimmer of light that always shines.

Join the Laughing P crew from the bottoms of despair to their happily-ever-afters and beyond in this collection featuring all three novels and a handful of short stories.

{Only available on Amazon – sorry to everyone else!}

Next up? Gift cards! Everyone likes being a winner. ?  

I’ve been linking to a survey on SurveyMonkey for the past month, encouraging people to give me their thoughts on a variety of topics. I have been drawing people from that survey as winners, and announcing them in my newsletter.

Here’s the bad news: The last three people that I chose and announced as winners in my newsletter haven’t bothered to open my emails to find out that they’d won. So! Don’t be that person. ?  If I say I’m only going to announce winners in my emails so you have to read ’em to find out if you’re the lucky duck for that week, I really mean it! ?

So here’s my gift card winners for this week – you’ve each won a $10 gift card to the storefront of your choice, if you respond back to my newsletter to claim your prize. Here goes:

[Name redacted]

[Name redacted]

[Name redacted]

Hit reply to the email in your inbox, and tell me which storefront you want your gift card for, and which country you live in (because that will sometimes play a part in the gift card process).

So you know how I said I’ve been hard at work on some projects? Here’s one of them. You guys are gonna go crazy over this.

My friend Joanna Bell and I have gotten together to do a wild-ass giveaway, only available to our subscribers. You won’t find this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else, and you can’t get extra chances to win by sharing it, because it’s exclusive only to our readers.

The prizes? Chanel perfume with gold flecks in it or a Coach wallet. 

Insane, right? When Joanna suggested that we give these items away, I may or may not have swooned a little.

Again, the deets for this giveaway are only available in my newsletter, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, do it today! It’s where all the fun is. ?

Pictures and Surveys and Covers, Oh My!

View out Erin Wright's kitchen window

I usually give Jasmine the Writing Cat top billing by including yet another adorable picture of her, but today, I decided to include a picture out my kitchen window instead.

To give you a little perspective (literally), I live in the basement of an old church that has been converted into a really awesome apartment, so usually, my kitchen window is just a smidge above ground level.

Today, though, the snow is piled so high, "ground" is above my head by quite a bit and I have to look up to see sky. We've been getting snow off and on for a couple of months but last night and this morning, it dumped. I started to think it was too darn bad I don't have a fireplace because if this kept up, I'd need to reenact my own Blizzard of Love scene in front of an open fireplace. 😉 It's stopped for the moment, although all of the forecasts call for more snow. 

Anyway, just a little weather update from my corner of the world. 🙂 Sorry Jasmine - I'll put a picture of you in next week, promise.

So, last week, y'all were AWESOME and filled out a survey for me re: what you like and don't like in books. 

Short Answer: I have a diverse group of readers, that's for sure! 😀

Long Answer: About 1/3 of you like it on the clean / sweet side; about 2/3 like it on the steamy side. 

This tells me that I should take the time to do a "sweet" version of a book, along with my standard "steamy" version. I'm going to try that with my next novel - you guys keep me updated on your thoughts on that.

As part of doing the survey, if you wanted to be entered into the Amazon gift card drawing, then you could choose to fill out that part of the survey. I just did the drawing - Linda from Florida, you're the winner! Keep your eyes peeled for a $5 gift card winging your way from Amazon. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out that survey - it's so appreciated.

(Oh and for anyone who hasn't done the survey yet, go do it now! I really want to know your thoughts. It helps me out immensely).

Usually, this is when I recommend books by other authors, but since I just got my cover back from my cover designer, I wanted to show that off instead. 😀 This is the cover for the book I'm going to give you, dear reader, absolutely free simply for hanging out with me every week. No charge, no hoops to jump through, and you won't be able to buy it on Amazon or anywhere else. It'll be available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers and nowhere else.

Stampede of Love by Erin Wright


Until next week,