[Thursday’s] Recommendations – 12/22/16

Merry Christmas from Long Valley Idaho Erin Wright

Jasmine the Writing Cat is disgusted with Erin Wright

Well, so my Wright's Wednesday Recs email is...a little late. Whoops! Even my cat is covering her eyes in disgust. 😉 I'm blaming this one on my husband, who insisted yesterday that I take a break from my computer and more importantly, a break from the internet (which was on the fritz yesterday, causing me...great consternation. My wifi router and I were not good friends yesterday). He convinced me to instead play the Farming Game with him.

I actually talk about the Farming Game in Blizzard of Love but just briefly - did you guys catch that? I just had to put it in because that's one of my husband and I's favorite games to play. I just looked it up on Amazon to see how much it costs - oh my goodness, $38 + $14 in shipping. *cue screaming* That's really too bad because it's a fun game, especially when I can beat my husband at it. 😀 I'll be honest, any game is fun that I can beat my husband at...

Well anyway, the internet seems to be behaving itself better today, so I figure sending out the newsletter a day late will be better than nothing, right?

Only one book for you today - it's actually the second book in the series I talked about last week. Cate is a terrific author, and this second book just hit the shelves, so even if you haven't read the first one, you should pick up the second one anyway. 😉 They're all standalone novels, so they don't have to be read in order (although it's always recommended!)

A Crazy Reunion by Cate Baylor

A Crazy Reunion by Cate BaylorRaney Hoffman eloped with her high school sweetheart believing they’d found their happy ever after, but her world crashed down around her when he left after less than two years of marriage. Nearly twenty years later he’s back in town. Her broken heart tells her she should still hate the jerk. But her traitorous body surges into sexual overdrive at the sight of him. 

Rob Coleman was devoted to Raney the moment they met in high school. After they married, his twin brother died unexpectedly and Rob’s grief thrust him into an identity crisis he couldn’t recover from. The decisions he made in that haze of grief have haunted him for nearly twenty years. Now he’s back and completely befuddled by the strength of his response to seeing Raney again.

They rebuilt their lives without the other but their unexpected reunion makes it clear their history is far from over.

New - only $2.99!

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