Oh, so very close… 10/11/17

Jasmine the Writing Cat wanting to be petted

Ready for some Declan time?

So, at long last, Returning for Love is…

Well, almost here.

Jasmine the Writing Cat is quite thrilled, as you can see. Or maybe she’s just excited about the cat treats I’m holding just behind the camera. You can never tell.

Returning for Love is hitting all storefronts on October 17th (next Tuesday), which means that you, dear reader, finally get to find out Declan Miller’s story.

I know I keep telling you that you’ll never guess what is REALLY going on with Declan and you’ll be totally surprised when you read his story, but the truth is…




I really mean it.

I bet you never saw that coming! ?

Returning for Love - A Western Romance Novel (Book 4)Okay, seriously though, when I started the Long Valley series, I tried to figure out the personalities of each of the three Miller brothers.

Stetson is the baby of the family, and sometimes, he really acts like it. In Accounting for Love (which is free on all storefronts, so if you haven’t read it yet, what the heck are you waiting for??) he’s willing to make some pretty dumb choices and risk losing the Miller Family Farm, all because of a misplaced sense of duty and longing to have his father back.

In Arrested by Love, Wyatt Miller (the oldest of the three brothers) makes some pretty dumb choices too, including punching out the judge’s son and landing in jail over Christmas. #whoops He too has a lot of changing and growing up to do, and Abby helps him do it (along with a nice dose of therapy with a counselor).

But all the way through, Declan is the typical middle child. He’s a peacemaker between his older and younger brother (who are constantly feuding), and just all-around well loved by…well, everyone. He’s trustworthy, he’s hard-working, he’s a peacemaker, he’s beloved by all.

And then in Returning for Love, you find out the “Rest of the Story” (thanks, Paul Harvey!) He’s got his own demons that he’s been battling, and they aren’t easy ones.

Now throw Iris McLain into the mix, who was his girlfriend for four years during high school and college. She’s just moved back into town, but also like Declan, things aren’t what they appeared to be on the surface. She too has been battling her own demons…and not necessarily winning.

I love this story. Not gonna lie, it’s one of my absolute favorites. Second-chance loves stories are always so fun to write, because you’ve got present-day thoughts and emotions all tangled up in past experiences and difficulties. Declan and Iris have to learn to trust again. Learn to fall in love again. Learn how to talk to each other about the worst parts of their lives, and what’s truly going on behind the mask.

It’s not easy, but man, is it worth it.

If you’d like to read the first chapter absolutely free, check it out: FREE first chapter of Returning for Love

If you’d like to preorder Returning for Love so you receive it the day it comes out, here is where you can find all of the handy-dandy buy buttons.

Quick warning just so you know:

Returning for Love is a full-length novel, which means that I’m releasing it at $2.99 and that price is good for one week, and one week only. After that, it goes up to $3.99. I’m warning y’all about this ’cause you’re awesome-sauce and I like you ❤️  but don’t be fooled into thinking you can just buy this later for that same low price.

Okay, now let’s have some fun. ?  As you guys already know, I’m doing a survey through SurveyMonkey, to get your thoughts on storefront platforms, which books you’ve read, and how adorable you think Jasmine the Writing Cat is.




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win a gift card to an eBookstore of your choice!

ANYway, the great news is, I’ve decided to up the pot from a $5 gift card to a $10 gift card, just because I really want to tell y’all thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey. The results have been so super helpful for me, truly.

The really great news is, if your name is XX (I DON’T REVEAL THE WINNER ON MY BLOG! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER) you’ve just won a $10 gift card!  Please hit reply to this email and tell me which storefront you want your gift card for, and what email address to have that gift card delivered to. You’ve got until next Wednesday to claim your gift card, or I’ll go ahead and pick someone else. ?

If you haven’t filled out the survey yet, please do. I’ll continue to draw winners each week for the rest of October, but even more importantly, your answers really help me out. I appreciate you doing that favor for me.

Speaking of giveaways…

There’s a promo running from now until Friday – all romance novels, all free. Find some new authors to enjoy. ❤️

Well, that’s it for me for the week. I’m busy wrapping up my edits on Returning for Love, sending out ARC copies, and petting Jasmine the Writing Cat (and not necessarily in that order).

Until next time,


PS Did you click to read the first chapter of Returning for Love? No? Seriously, go check it out. If you don’t enjoy it, I’ll eat my hat.


Okay, not really. That seems like a sure way to ensure indigestion. But I promise you, you’re gonna love this sneak peek. Enjoy! ❤️

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