Foundational Class on Being a Successful Wide Author

Erin Wright – contemporary western romance author Are you looking to migrate from KU to Wide?

Are you currently Wide but feel like there’s too much out there to wrap your mind around, and you don’t know how to optimize your catalog?

Are you a new author, looking to go Wide from Day 1, but you’re not sure how or where to get started?

Welcome to my Foundational Class on Being a Successful Wide Author – you’re going to like it here! 😀

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Erin Wright 👋 and I am a full-time contemporary western romance author. I started writing in 2016, and went Wide in 2017. By March of 2019, I’d convinced Suzie O’Connell to start Wide for the Win Facebook group with me, and by December of 2020, I’d started teaching classes one-on-one with Widelings, hoping to help people become successful Wide authors themselves.

But almost from the jump, I found that my consultation calendar was booked out anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, and teaching authors the foundational aspects of being a Wide author one by one by one was not the most efficient use of my time.

My hope is to do a series of Wide classes (starting out with foundational information and going from there) where I can reach a wide swath of authors at once, bringing them all up to the next level.

Then, when I do a one-on-one with an author, we’ll be able to focus specifically on their catalog and what strategy they should put into place, vs general (but very helpful) information that they need to put into place at the beginning before any other information is really that useful.

For my Foundational class, these are the topics we’re going to be covering:

  • Distributor vs direct – what I suggest in which situation
  • Wide algos vs Amazon’s algos – why long preorders are such a boon on Wide platforms; why switching between KU and Wide causes so many problems (both in terms of algos and working with Wide storefront employees)
  • The four parts of the metadata that is always search indexed, and why that matters
  • The fifth part of the metadata that is sometimes search indexed and sometimes not, and how to use that info when uploading books to storefronts

If you’re ready to sign up for a class, here are the current dates available; check out the FAQ below for the times that each of these classes are going to be offered:

Or read on for more info about these classes and what all is involved…

Questions & Answers

Once again, here are the current open classes:

The invoices are generated manually, so don’t be surprised if you don’t receive one right away. Can’t wait to help you be successful as a Wide author!