Want to come join us on Patreon?

Hey, Wondrous Wideling! 👋

Congrats on completing your first (and maybe only!) consultation with me. I genuinely hope our chat was useful and that you came away with tons of action points; specific tasks to complete to increase your Wide sales. Be sure to report back either way – I want to know!

As I mentioned in the email I sent you after we chatted, I offer follow-up consultations at a discounted price (and have lots more openings on the follow-up calendar too!) in case you have more questions. I love to help people, so if you need another consultation, I'm here for you. Please do refer back to the email that I sent you to find the link for the follow-up calendar. ❤️

However, I've also started offering a Patreon group only for peeps who have completed a consultation with me. This is not meant to replace the follow-up consultations, but rather be a different option to fulfill a different need (like offering both fish and chicken on a menu! One isn't better than the other – it really just depends on what you're wanting to eat). So you may bypass the Patreon option and only do consultations; you may bypass further consultations and only join the Patreon group; you may do both Patreon and consultations; or neither one at all!

Whatever you need is what I want you to choose. I will not be offended no matter what. I'm giving you these options so you can have the support you need to succeed as a Wideling, and trust that you will make the right decision for yourself from there. That's all I care about. ❤️

So! What is it that you get if you join my Patreon group? (Which, by the way, the group voted to name itself Doing Wide Wright, and members of the group are called Wrighters. I wish I could claim that I came up with this group name but alas, I am not that creative!)

Well, it depends on which tier you choose to join at. We have three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Bronze ($2 / mo):

  • This is the base level
  • Includes access to the private Facebook group, Doing Wide Wright.
    • In this group, we have monthly goals set by me ("This month, you need to add keyword paragraphs at the end of each of your books on GooglePlay") that will most likely be related to the monthly Fireside chats (see below for more info on that).
    • We also have weekly accountability threads where Wrighters post what goals they want to accomplish that week + updates if they succeeded or not.
  • The Facebook group is mainly moderated by two other Wrighters, although I pop in and post too.
  • One of the Wrighter PAs keeps track of the monthly promotions available on BN (the temporary ones that quickly come and go) and posts about them in the group as soon as they appear, so you can be sure to apply for them if you're direct to BN and have the in-house promotions tab. This keeps you from having to keep an eye on it yourself.
  • As a member of Doing Wide Wright, you'll have access to a coupon code for IngramSpark that gives you five free uploads to their site per month! Usually you have to pay for a membership with ALLi, IBPA, RWA, or another similar group to receive this benefit, but I managed to finagle it for all of my Wrighters. IngramSpark requires that these codes be behind a paywall, so although I've asked, Wide for the Win does not qualify for this kind of benefit.
  • We have two informal Zoom chats per month – it is live only, and members of every tier can attend and ask questions.
  • This tier is unlimited in size.

Silver ($18 / mo):

  • All of the above, plus...
  • Access to the Fireside chats one week after they've happened.
  • The last six Fireside chats are available to rewatch at any given time.
  • This tier is unlimited in size.

Gold ($25 / mo):

  • All of the above, plus...
  • Able to attend the Fireside chats live.
  • Can submit questions for the Fireside chats beforehand (if not available to attend in person), and can ask questions during the chats too.
  • Have access to the replay of the Fireside chats immediately (* within 24 hours of them happening).
  • Can vote on upcoming topics that are covered in the Fireside chats.
  • This tier is limited to 50 Wrighters so I can be sure to provide useful answers and feedback to all attendees during the chats.

Ready to sign up? The Patreon page is here: Doing Wide Wright. Or, read on for the FAQs!


Q: What if I need to move down a tier or even cancel my membership altogether? Can I come back later?

A: You betcha! You are free to move between the tiers as you'd like. I understand being broke, and struggling to pay $2 when that means one less gallon of milk on the table. I'm never going to penalize you for making the decisions that you need to, to keep going. ❤️ My only word of warning is the Gold tier – because it is limited in size, when you're ready to return to it, there may or may not be an opening available. If all 50 spots are filled, then it's simply a case of waiting for a spot to reopen.

Q: When do the Fireside chats happen?

A: On the first Thursday of each month. Times are as follows:

  • 9:30 pm London, UK
  • 4:30 pm Eastern, US
  • 1:30 pm Pacific, US
  • 6:30 am Melbourne, AU (it's already Friday in Australia!)

Q: When do the live Zoom chats happen?

A: On the second Thursday and last Saturday of each month. Times are the same as above.

Q: Are the Fireside chats recorded?

A: You betcha! They are available for replay ASAP for Gold tier members and 7 days afterwards for Silver tier members.

Q: Are the live Zoom chats recorded?

A: Nope! They're an informal chat that are not recorded in any way.

Q: How long are the Fireside chats? 

A: 90 minutes

Q: How long are the informal Zoom chats?

A: An hour (or longer, if I just can't shut up. So, you know, 90 minutes at least...)

Q: Can members of the Silver and Gold tiers talk about what's discussed in the Fireside chats in the Facebook group, even though the Bronze members didn't attend the chat?

A: Absolutely! The Fireside chats are not going to be summarized, recapped, or transcripts made available in the Facebook group, but I want all Wrighters to succeed and don't want to hold information hostage. Not everyone can afford $18 or $25 a month for a Patreon group, and I understand that. So Silver and Gold tier members are free to discuss the Fireside chats in the group; in fact, I rather expect this to happen as Wrighters regroup after a Fireside chat and discuss what they learned.

Q: If there are 50 Wrighters in the Gold tier and then someone drops down, how can Silver or Bronze Wrighters move up into the open spot?

A: Silver members will be approached first by my PA and given the opportunity to move up to the Gold tier. If no Silver members want to move up, then Bronze members will be approached and given the opportunity to move up to the Gold tier. If no Bronze members want to move up, then the spot will simply remain open and available for anyone to claim as they'd like.

Q: What are some examples of the Fireside chat topics?

A: Sure! So far, we've either already done or will soon do Fireside chats on the following topics:

  • GooglePlay listings – how to optimize them and increase your visibility on this harder-to-crack storefront
  • How pricing of ebooks affects Amazon's algorithms
  • How to create and run profitable BookBub ads using a drip strategy – finally, a BookBub ad strategy that works for Widelings!
  • Creating and marketing audiobooks – finding narrators, publishing the audiobooks, royalty splitting, and lots more, all with a Wide focus
  • Translations as a Wide author
  • Hiring and working with a PA to increase your time available to write (or just give you more free time!)
  • SEO, your website for your books, and how to make it all happen
  • Selling direct off your site (both audiobooks and ebooks)
  • Serial apps galore
  • Maximizing print book sales
  • Bookkeeping / accounting for authors
  • Kickstarter for authors

I'm just as excited about learning new info as y'all are, so I'm using the money from the patrons of Doing Wide Wright to pay to bring in specialists and experts to teach us. I think of it as a year-round author's conference where we can learn about and focus on something new every month.

By having this group only available to Wrighters who have already finished a consultation with me, we're able to spend our time together learning advanced topics, rather than rehashing the same basics again and again.

Oh, and to be clear: I am always present at all Fireside chats; even when I bring in a presenter, I'm still there as a co-host.

Q: If you aren't the main admin for the Facebook group, who is?

A: At the moment, I have two PAs + a graphic designer for this Patreon group. I don't want to make the work of running this too difficult on any one person, so I'm trying to spread the work around a bit. 😉 JA Belfield is the main moderator for the group, with Rhiannon Futch helping as needed, and then I pop in to chat too.

Q: I have a topic that I'm an expert on; I'd love to present to the other Wrighters. How do I make this happen?

A: Woot!! I ❤️ it. Send me an email (see below) and let's talk shop! I'm always on the lookout for awesome topics and presenters, so let me know what you can teach about and we'll go from there.

Q: I have another question you didn't answer above. How do I get in contact with you?

A: Send me a message through my contact form or simply send me an email. I'm happy to help!

Ready to become a Wrighter? Here's the Patreon page to make it happen. See you on the inside!