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Erin Wright – contemporary western romance authorAre you here to sign up for the Radish class, and don’t need to hear the backstory of how it came to be? If so, here is the link to sign up for the class on May 18th at 7pm (Mountain Time).

Otherwise, read on…


Do you write spicy romance? Have you been hearing about the money being made by other romance authors on Radish, but when you upload to the site, you’re lucky to make pennies?

I started uploading to Radish in September of 2020, but from the jump, I couldn’t wrap my head around the complicated site structure. They had episodes and seasons, while I had books and chapters. Did the writing have to be exclusive to Radish for them to accept it? And what about sectioning out the chapters? They allowed uploads as short as 800 words but I wasn’t supposed to make them that short, but I didn’t know why…

I blindly flailed around for the rest of 2020, making a grand total of $23.19 (not $23.19 per day – $23.19 for the entirety of 2020) and the beginning of 2021 wasn’t any better. While friends of mine were making several thousand dollars a month, I was clearing $0.92. Per month.

Please, Erin, don’t hurt yourself.

I finally decided heck to it all, I was going to simply hire a PA to take over my Radish stuff. #mommadonthavetimeforthat is one of my favorite sayings, and it seemed like a much better bet to just hand it all over to someone else instead. I hired someone who was more knowledgeable than me when it came to Radish (not hard to do!) and they did well for a while (peaking at just short of $400 one month), but life and family got in the way, and they stepped back from their role.

Radish was still hanging out at the bottom of my priority list, though, so I blithely ignored the site until January of 2023, when I discovered my income for the month was a whopping $17.21.


Fine. Fine. I’ll hire another Radish PA. *grumble grumble* I still didn’t have the first clue of how the Radish platform worked, so handing it over to someone else was the logical thing to do.

This is when I lucked into working with Fiona. Y’all. Y’aaallllllll…Fiona is a firecracker, and knows All The Things, and you can literally see the day she took over updating my account.

She got to work, and took my income from $17.21 in January to almost $500 in March. She swapped out covers and changed up descriptions and added keywords and applied for promos and all of the other things I hadn’t the foggiest idea to do, and my income just skyrocketed (screenshot taken partway through April of 2023):

In March, I watched a presentation done by Fiona to a small group of indie authors where she explained the platform in a way I’d never heard it explained before. Terminology that’d seemed foreign to me started to make sense. She explained her strategies, breaking them down and presenting it to the group in digestible, understandable ways.

As I listened to her, I kept thinking, “I need to get this info out to more people.” I’d met the Erin Wright of the Radish platform – someone who had a deep understanding of how the site worked, with concrete suggestions and ideas on how to increase income. This wasn’t a filler class, with fluffy, intangible advice.

No, it was magic.

After the class was over, I kept getting told by attendees how much their income had skyrocketed on Radish because of Fiona’s advice. This wasn’t just helpful to me – this was helpful to any romance author who wrote with any amount of steam in their books. (I do know of an author who does better on Radish with their sweeter romances than their steamier stuff; this is highly unusual, although as with all things, there are always exceptions!)

So I reached out to Fiona and talked her into teaching two classes to the romance authors of the world (same class, just at two different times and days so hopefully more people could attend live – NOTE: only one class is left to take).

If you write in the right genre (steamy romance) and you actually follow Fiona’s advice, there’s almost not a chance in hell that you won’t make back the cost of the class itself in the first month, and then some. I can’t make guarantees (nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes) but considering I’ve seen a 100% success rate thus far, I feel pretty good about this.

Why is the class only $99 USD if it can make you so much money so easily? Because both Fiona and I are dedicated to helping other authors succeed, and we don’t want to make this a pay-to-play situation. We could easily charge $299 for a “Radish Mastermind” and you’d make that cost back in the first 30 days, and be bragging up a storm on social media about what a kickass good deal this was.

But that’d cut out the segment of the author market who can’t swing a $300 class, and that’s simply not what Fiona and I want to do. 🤷🏻‍♀️

This class will:

  • Take you from knowing nothing to thriving on Radish in less than 90 minutes
  • Give you every tip and trick Fiona uses to succeed on the platform
  • Set you up for success on the site

What about the authors who already do well on Radish; who look at my just-under $500 a month and laugh in derision?

First off, congrats on choosing a steamier category of romance than I did. 😂 I don’t write Amish romance (far from it!) but my sex scenes focus on relationship development and feelings. No sex toys, no spankings, no threesomes, no anal, no why-choose…in the sex world, this would rightly be described as “vanilla sex”.

The bottom line is, I don’t write “hot” enough (or have enough new material) that I’ll ever make four digits a month on Radish, let alone five. I’m okay with that; I make plenty on other sites. But this just means that if you write with more steam than I do and/or faster than I do, you have a much higher income potential on Radish. 😀

Secondly, if you’re already making $500+ a month on Radish, are you going to be bored in the foundational part of this class? Yes, yes you are. Fiona is taking an author from “I’ve never used Radish before” to “Making serious money on Radish” in 90 minutes. You’re going to have to suffer through the first half. 🤷🏻‍♀️

But if you’re wanting to learn from a master who’s personally made five figures a month on Radish, this is your chance. The second half may include a tidbit of advice that increases your income on Radish another four or five digits a month. Where you’re at in this game, you’ve already got the foundational stuff right. Now it’s simply testing and editing and tweaking to take it even higher. Fiona can absolutely help with that.

As far as I know (and I’m going to be the first person to admit I may have just missed it), there is no Radish how-to class out there. You can’t swing a dead cat (WHY ARE YOU SWINGING DEAD CATS?!) without hitting a Facebook ads class or a how-to on writing your first book.

But Radish? A giant black hole.

Fiona and I are about to fix that. Come join us, and increase your income potential on this underutilized platform. 💰

Again, here is the link to sign up for the class on May 18th at 7pm (Mountain Time), or keep reading for a FAQ…

Questions & Answers

Again, here is the link to sign up for the class: May 18th at 7pm (Mountain Time)

The invoices are generated manually, so don’t be surprised if you don’t receive one right away. Can’t wait to help you be successful on Radish!