Fire and Love

Firefighters of Long Valley Romance Novel – Book 3

Fire and Love by Erin Wright cowboy romanceIn every way that counts, Levi is the polar opposite of his best friend, Moose. Instead of coming from the richest family in Long Valley, Levi’s father is the town drunk, and his mother, sick of the beatings, took off when he was only two.

Over time, he’d found a bit of stability when Moose’s family took him in, but life is never easy, and Levi quickly finds that coming from the wrong side of the tracks causes more than one problem in this sleepy town…


Coming July 2018, Fire and Love is the third novel in the Firefighters of Long Valley series, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong language, and oh my, sexy times. Enjoy!

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