Wright’s Wednesday Recs – 2/15/17

I had a friend introduce a website to me this past week that instantly struck me as being a lot of fun. Called Jigsaw Planet, it gives you the ability to quickly and easily create online puzzles that others can put together. 

So, what did I do but upload the cover for Overdue for Love to the site. 😀 I made it easy - I kept the puzzle pieces oriented the same direction that they should be in when you put the pieces together, so you don't have to worry about flipping pieces around. I wanted to make it fun, not obnoxious. 😉 

Here's the contest: You go to the site, put the puzzle together, and take a screenshot of the puzzle and the time it took you to put it together, and send me that screenshot. The person with the fastest time wins this candle:

Simple enough, right? Be sure to take a screenshot that covers BOTH the puzzle put together AND the time it took to put the puzzle together. Send that screenshot to me at erin@erinwright.net. May the fastest Puzzle Putter Togetherer win!

Click to go to the online puzzle for Overdue for Love!

Once you're done putting the puzzle together, I have a hot, hot, hot recommendation for you this week. If swearing (a lot of swearing) and over-the-top sex (a lot of sex) isn't your thing, you'll want to skip this week's offering. You've been warned. 😉

Bush by Rocklyn RyderMelissa:

Ever since I landed in Alaska I can't get comfortable. The entire state reeks of testosterone. It's not doing me and my fantasy life any favors but it's Rogue that finally put me over the top. My pilot. The man exudes masculinity. He is the epitome of rugged, the poster child for wild, Alaskan man.


Melissa lands in my life full of the kind of stories that could fill up the silence of a lonely Alaskan winter and keep a man company while those sweet curves of hers keep him warm but filling my place with a woman's things has never been part of my plan.

So why am I changing the route to make sure I'm the only bush pilot she'll be seeing up at that cabin this summer?

~ In Kindle Unlimited, this book is also on sale for $0.99 ~