Did you get just what you wanted this year?

Hi! Congrats on receiving the gift of a consultation with me. I ❤️ that the person in your life wants to support you like this.

So, let's make this easy, shall we?

  • Go here and pick a date to chat with me
    • It will ask you for your PayPal address as part of the booking process. In that field, simply put "Gift Certificate"
    • In the "Anything else I should know?" field, put in the code you received from whoever gifted this to you
  • Go here and fill out the intake form
    • On the final page, it will ask you, "What would you like to discuss during our chat?" I do want you to answer that question with whatever thoughts you want to share with me, but also, please insert the gift code again. This way, the same code is in both places.
  • Show up and learn lots! 😄

If you have any questions or issues, please send me an email. Can't wait to chat!